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Smartline Golf Ball Markers

Smartline Golf Ball Markers


SmartLine Putting is an innovative green reading system that helps golfers have a consistent approach to green reading and aiming on the correct line. The specially designed SmartLine Putting Ball Marker will help the golfer aim at the correct spot just by placing one of our golf ball markers behind your ball.  Stop guessing on the greens. SmartLine Putting will give you the correct line for your breaking putt.

You will receive:
– Two (2) SmartLine Putting Ball Markers
– Two (2) Logoed drawstring pouches
– Printed instructions in pouches
– Access to all SmartLine Putting instruction videos on the SmartLine Putting website.


  1. Mark your ball aiming the red line at the hole
  2. Estimate the degree of slope (left to right or right to left).  Most putts will be between 0-3 degrees.
  3. Based on the read, match the line on the ball to the correct line on the marker.
  4. Pick up your marker, match the line on the putter to the line on your ball and stroke your putt at the correct speed.

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