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"Praying to the Golf Gods"

“Praying to the Golf Gods”

“Praying to the Golf Gods”

We are lucky to live in a country free from religious persecution and we are allowed to worship any God we want.  I am a proud Catholic of Italian descent and as a young child Sunday mornings were a time to worship in the house of God with our large extended family.  Our entire community and their families gathered every Sunday for 9:00am Mass.  This is what I knew, what I did, a ritual just like putting your clothes on every day.  It wasn’t until I moved to Columbia, MD and learned there are many different faiths and beliefs in our world.  What can I say, I was ten years of age, very naïve and looking back somewhat sheltered.  The first time I heard the saying “Praying to the Golf Gods” was from my best friend’s father.

Mr. Shubert was on such a natural high because he shot his first ever 68 on a par 72 course.  He rambled on about not being able to miss a putt.  I knew nothing about golf back then and a 68 on a par 72 course meant nothing to me, nor do I think it meant anything to Mr. Shubert’s wife. I just remember him telling her, “This is why I play religiously every Sunday morning.  I am praying to the golf gods and will continue to play and pray to them every Sunday.”   Mr. Shubert continued to play every Sunday and I don’t think he ever came close to shooting a 68 again, but he would never let you forget his perfect Sunday morning of shooting a 68!

At Peace on the Course

Thirty-six years later, I still remember Mr. Shubert’s exciting day practically every time I play golf.  Now I am much older and hopefully much wiser, and I get why he cherished his Sunday mornings on the golf course.   No matter my score for the round, I am at peace on the golf course.  Playing in the early morning or late evening are my favorite times to play, especially when I am walking the course.  I love when the new day sun glistens down on the fresh morning dew of the fairway that has yet to be touched.  Or the beautiful colors of the sun setting on the last few greens of your late evening round.  There is such a calmness to it all.  You are surrounded by natural beauty…birds singing, frog croaking, bees buzzing, lush  greenery, vibrant wild flowers, manicured fairways and greens for 18 glorious holes.

Faithful “Praying to the Golf Gods”Praying to the Golf Gods

I am still a faithful Catholic who attends mass every week, but now I get the best of both worlds.  I worship at vigil mass on Saturday evening and enjoy “praying to the golf gods” on Sunday morning.  Honestly, any time I play a round of golf I am “praying to the golf gods”!  One of these days I hope to be blessed like Mr. Shubert and have the best game of my life!