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Ladies Golf Get-Away

Ladies Golf Get-Away

Dreaming of a ladies golf get-away…Ladies Golf Get-Away

It is a balmy 53 degrees here in the North East today; a temperature we have not seen in quite a while.  A perfect day to finally get outside with my lady friends to play a round of golf.  Bitter cold December temperatures and an early snow covered January has kept us from our most happy place to be with one another!   As we were working out our kinks with driving, chipping, and putting we discussed how nice it would be to live in a climate where we could golf whenever and as often as we wanted.  Unfortunately, family and work obligations currently keep us saddled to the North East and its forever changing climate.Ladies Golf Get-Away

Winter blues

As we continued to lament about our lack of golf during the winter months a very wise lady within our foursome spoke up saying we need a ladies get-away of golf.  The sooner the better!  What a great idea I thought.  We know a few other ladies outside of our foursome (the more the merrier) who would love time away too, but they aren’t avid golfers like the four of us.  I got to thinking, could we find a place to meet our golf needs and the needs of our non-golfing friends to indulge in a weekend of sport, laughs, entertainment, more laughs, and sisterly love!

As we were walking up the 18th fairway we had devised a plan to find the best suited resort for our needs.  We had our list of must haves: preferably no more than a two hour plane ride, golf course/s, spa, tennis, and an energetic night life.  Each of would research resorts and report back with our top four favorites.    The ladies were hyped up about the trip because that night all the ladies had reported back with their favorites.  Among each of our lists Kiawah Island Resort was listed.  Kiawah (located in Kiawah, SC) checked off all of our must haves, not only for our golfing foursome, but for the non-golfers joining us on the trip.

Ladies Golf Get-Away

Our destination was decided, but did Kiawah offer any great packages for this time of year?  We lucked out…one item to strike all four of us was the “Women’s Golf Get Away” package.  This package is pretty much perfect for us because we all fall within the intermediate level.  Two of our non-golfers making the trip are interested in the “Women’s Golf Get Away” package as well because they fit into the beginner level.  For the rest of the non-golfers the amenities are endless including a full spa, tennis, shopping, and a variety of restaurants and bars.  The ten of us ladies are all so excited to be flying the coop Ladies Golf Get-Awayin February for our ladies golf get-away!   Look out Kiawah, SC!

The other resorts we researched were Sea Island (Sea Island, GA), Pinehurst (Pinehurst, NC), Pine Needles (Southern Pines, NC), Sea Pines Resort (Hilton Head, SC), Grand Cypress Orlando Golf Club (Orlando, FL), and Reynolds Lake Oconee (Greensboro, GA).