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How to improve my Putting

How to improve my Putting

I love the game of golf and everything about it! I love being outdoors on those beautifully manicured fairways and greens. I love how quiet and peaceful my surroundings are; all I hear are frogs croaking, bees buzzing, crickets chirping and the very rare “FOUR”! I love watching and hearing my little white ball drop into the cup, but most importantly I love being challenged by those in my foursome and I am always being challenged. You see, I am a novice female golfer. Though I have been playing the game for over 20 years it is just recently I have begun to take the game seriously, competitively. In order for me to be competitive I need to sharpen some skills, particularly putting. To say I struggle with putting is an understatement. I am a consistent three/four-putter when my ball is over six feet from the hole. So I am setting my sights on How to improve my putting.

Where do I start? Most individuals seek out professional help from a Pro at a private golf club or public golf course. I could call upon the Pro at Bon Air Country Club where I belong, but I prefer to be self-taught. Self-taught by means of reading a how-to book, magazine, or the internet. My research on “How to improve my putting” begins on the vast World Wide Web! This is probably not the best place to start because there are a ton of golf articles and putting aides on the market and how do I find the one to best suit my needs.

Struggles of putting

What in particular do I struggle with when it comes to putting? There are many issues one can have with their putting: reading the slope and where the ball will break, understanding the distance and knowing how hard or soft to hit the ball, proper stance (elbow/s closer to the body, hands under your shoulders, chin down, eyes over the ball), owning the right type of putter (heel shaft, center shafted, and belly putters for your putting style). Ugh! So many issues one can have, but I know my main issue is controlling my putt. I don’t feel comfortable in my stance and I either hit the ball too hard where it sails past the cup or to soft where it barely reaches the cup. I need a putting training device to teach me to control my putt and stance.

After exhausting the endless possibilities on the internet I found a putting training device I found to be simple to use and within my budget. INPUTT is nothing more than a two foot narrow block, string, tees and instruction booklet. When combined and used properly all these items teach you how to put the ball in the same place every time.

How to improve my putting

I found INPUTT to be very easy to set-up and use the first time I tried the device. It was amazing to see how inaccurately I was putting. As I continued to practice with the putting device I noticed my stroke was becoming more consistent. Instead of consistently having a three/four stroke when putting, I now am down to two putting strokes on the green. It took me a while to get to this point. INPUTT recommends practicing with INPUTT ten to fifteen minutes a day, three to five times a week. I did not have the luxury of practicing that often, but before each of my rounds I would set-up INPUTT and practice and it made such a difference in my round!How to improve my putting

To learn more about INPUTT and how to use the putting training device go to their web-site I hope you find this product to be as helpful I did.